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Category: TheC64 Mini
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zip0 TheC64 Mini - Firmware 1.4.2 HOT

Version 1.4.2 – Changes and additions

  • Fixes an issue with THEC64: Under some circumstances C64 games may not recognise joystick port 2 when VIC 20 is the default machine
  • Adds Dattasette controls for tape files in THEC64 Classic mode Media Access menu
  • Adds soft and hard reset hot-keys to THEC64 and THEVIC20 Classic mode
  • Adds freeze button support to THEC64 and THEVIC20 Classic mode
  • Adds C64 games Barnsley Badger, Soulless, Galencia and
22-11-20 English 13.58 MB 1,216 Download
zip1 TheC64 Mini - Firmware 1.5.2

Version 1.5.2 – Changes and additions

  • [THEC64 Full size European] Fixes missing Bluestar carousel cover image which was broken in release v1.5.1 under some circumstances
  • [All models] Adds C64 joystick port selection; see notes below
  • [THEC64 Mini] Adds C64 only Classic mode
  • [THEC64 Mini] Adds disk swapping for multiple disk games
  • [THEC64 Mini] Adds soft and hard reset hot-keys to Classic mode; see notes below
  • [THEC64 Mini]
30-10-21 English 14.64 MB 250 Download
zip2 TheC64 Mini - Firmware v1.2.0 HOT

Version 1.2.0 – Changes

  • Adds a complete new game for free to the GAMES CAROUSEL! Galencia for the Mini is licensed from Jay Aldred and is the winner of the Reset64 Magazine 2017 Commodore 64 Game of the Year Award
  • Introduces the Virtual Joystick. You can now select all options on THEC64 Mini and even play games just using a USB keyboard. See Virtual
22-01-19 English 4.41 MB 856 Download
zip3 TheC64 Mini - Firmware v1.3.2 HOT

Version 1.3.2 – Changes

  • Increases the length of displayed USB filenames in the File loader
  • Fixes an issue where filename flags are not detected if the USB filename contains multiple dots/periods/full stops
  • Fixes an issue with the saved states location where multiple spaces are found in the USB filename
  • Fixes the saved states location used on a USB stick to be unique per filename. Note that this may change the saved states location from previous
10-02-20 English 8.42 MB 601 Download