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zip.png CMD geoCable II Users Manual

This is  the manual for the CMD geoCable II which is a hardware device that connects the user port on a Commodore 64 to a custom parallel cable that can be hooked to a standard IEEE1284 (Centronics) capable printer.  

27-08-17 English PDF 209.72 KB 394.00 Download
zip.png Compute!'s User's Guide to GEOS

The new GEOS system, which includes geoPaint and geoWrite, has moved Commodore home computers into an exciting new world. Commodore owners now can access their machines through user interfacetools - pull-down menus, windows, and icons - by using ajoystick or mouse to control screen input. COMPUTE!'s User's Guide to GEOS is your key to learning to take advantage of these tools quickly and easily.

10-06-20 English PDF 6.14 MB 87.00 Download
zip.png GeoPublish Tutorial

Geopublish Tutorial by Bruce Thomas is an EXCELLENT document on how to use the powerful GEOS software application called GeoPublish to create a newsletter.  Injected / attache into the PDF document is a .D81 disk image of material that goes with the tutorial.

27-08-17 English PDF 979.13 KB 355.00 Download
zip.png GEOS Disk Labels

Here are some re-creations of the original GEOS floppy disk labels by Sleepwalk7 (AKA Sea7).  There are 21 labels in the collection covering most everything released by Berkley.

20-05-20 English Commodore 64 1.94 MB 74.00 Download