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Category: GEOS Reference Material
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zip0 CMD geoCable II Users Manual

This is  the manual for the CMD geoCable II which is a hardware device that connects the user port on a Commodore 64 to a custom parallel cable that can be hooked to a standard IEEE1284 (Centronics) capable printer.  

27-08-17 English PDF 209.72 KB 851 Download
zip1 Collette Utilities Documentation [GEOS]

Collette Utilities is a collection of GEOS programs and Desk Accessories for the Commodore 64 & 128 by Jim Collette.  Programs in this collection will run in both 40 & 80 column mode.

The cool thing about this updated documentation, by Bruce Thomas [November 2022], is that it's completely laid out and generated from geoPublish! The PDF is formatted to print double-sided with room for hole-punching for insertion into a binder or duo-tang. There a couple of blank pages intentionally.

Just for comparison, here is a link to the old documentation we had, what a difference!  Thank you Bruce for cleaning this up and sharing.

Here's a link to the actual GEOS Collette utilities disk images.

12-12-22 English PDF 68.48 KB 60 Download
zip2 Compute!'s User's Guide to GEOS

The new GEOS system, which includes geoPaint and geoWrite, has moved Commodore home computers into an exciting new world. Commodore owners now can access their machines through user interfacetools - pull-down menus, windows, and icons - by using ajoystick or mouse to control screen input. COMPUTE!'s User's Guide to GEOS is your key to learning to take advantage of these tools quickly and easily.

10-06-20 English PDF 6.14 MB 639 Download
zip3 GeoPublish Tutorial

Geopublish Tutorial by Bruce Thomas is an EXCELLENT document on how to use the powerful GEOS software application called GeoPublish to create a newsletter.  Injected / attached into the PDF document is a .D81 disk image of material that goes with the tutorial.

27-08-17 English PDF 979.13 KB 818 Download
zip4 GEOS Disk Labels

Here are some re-creations of the original GEOS floppy disk labels by Sleepwalk7 (AKA Sea7).  There are 21 labels in the collection covering most everything released by Berkley.

20-05-20 English Commodore 64 1.94 MB 520 Download
zip5 GEOS Tips & Tricks

The information printed in the magazines as "absolute know-how" was often nothing more than superficial repetitions of passages from the manual, or even half-truths or less.  After a while we had our fill of this sort of reporting, and we decided to write a book of our own that on one hand cleared up the half-truths, and on the other hand presented the many tips and tricks that we had picked up in our work with GEOS.

25-01-21 English PDF 24.95 MB 503 Download
zip6 geoShell Programmer's Development Package Manual

geoShell Programmer's Development Package Manual by Maurice Randall, is designed to be an aid in developing commands for the GEOS geoShell program.  There are either three 1541 disks or a 1581 disk that accompanied this manual, but so far I've been unable to track down copies.  If you would like to share a copy, please use the Contact Us link in the banner.

Update - Bruce Thomas has tracked down the disk images, they can be found here.

28-12-22 English PDF 1.65 MB 59 Download
zip7 The Hitchhikers Guide to GEOS

The Hitchhikers Guide to GEOS - A Potpourri of Technical Programming Notes.

18-01-21 English PDF 38.58 MB 474 Download
zip8 The Hitchhikers Guide to GEOS v2022 NEW

Paul B. Murdaugh (DualTop 64/128, The Landmark Series disk, Super Validate 64/128), along with help from others, has combined Berkeley Softworks' Hitchhiker's Guide to GEOS (1988), The Official GEOS Programmer's Reference Guide (BSW 1987 plus the Italian translation of 1988), Alexander Boyce's GEOS Programmer's Reference Guide (1986 & Bo Zimmerman's 1997 revisions), Wheels Kernal info, and his own personal experience to create this 860 page one-stop shopping repository of GEOS programming information.

Please see the extended description for the full announcement by Bruce Thomas, of this amazing GEOS document.

14-01-23 English PDF 12.26 MB 62 Download
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