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zip0 Star NL-10 Interface Cartridge User's Guide

This interface cartridge contains all the electronics your printer needs to talk to a computer. To use your printer with a different computer, just install a different cartridge. There is an interface (I/F) cartridge for each popular computer on the market.

This interface cartridge offers full compatibility with any Commodore on the market. It combines the speed and efficiency of a proven winner with the character sets and printer codes used by the Commodore!

2020-06-22 English PDF 7.76 MB 838 Download
zip1 Star NL-10 Printer User's Manual

Star NL-10 Printer User's Manual

2021-01-29 English PDF 346.36 KB 759 Download
zip2 Star NX-10 Printer User's Manual

Star NX-10 Printer User's Manual

2021-02-01 English PDF 6.34 MB 700 Download
zip3 StarDOS Installation Manual

These installation instructions describe the installation of theStarDOS system into your disk drive and computer.  If your StarDOS was installed by your dealer, then skip this!

2021-01-21 English PDF 4.58 MB 601 Download
zip4 StarDOS Manual

StarDOS Cartridge manual by Starpoint Software (1988)

2020-05-19 English PDF 5.81 MB 752 Download
zip5 Super 1750 Clone Manual HOT

The Super 1750 Clone was a 512 kB RAM expansion unit designed as a tiny, but compatible, third-party replacement for Commodore's then out-of-production CBM 1750 REU. Manufactured by Chip Level Designs, the Super 1750 Clone was sold by Software Support International.

2020-07-12 English PDF 97.54 KB 963 Download
d64 floppy6 SuperCPU 128 V2 Manual HOT

Manual for the CMD SuperCPU 128 V2 Accelerator for the Commodore 128. 

2016-10-24 English PDF 30.48 MB 1,490 Download
d64 floppy7 Turbo Chameleon 64 Docking Station Install Notes

Turbo Chameleon 64 Docking Station Install Notes

2016-12-12 English PDF 55.45 KB 796 Download
zip8 VIC 1515 Graphic Printer User's Manual

With the purchase of a Commodore VIC Printer, you have added a great deal of versatility and convenience to the use of your Commodore VIC-20 Computer.  While this manual contains all the information you need to check out, connect and operate your printer, you should also refer to other Commodore manuals to get the most out of your computer system.

2020-05-19 English PDF 6.75 MB 684 Download
zip9 VIC-II² Installation Instructions v1.0

VIC-II² Installation Instructions v1.0 (Updated Dec 11, 2022) - This is a detailed set of instructions on building and installing the "VIC-II Squared" hardware that allows you to have both an NTSC and PAL VIC-II chip installed in your Commodore 64, giving you the ability to switch between them.

Here's a link to a YouTube video that also details the contruction and installation

2022-12-18 English PDF 2.54 MB 245 Download
zip10 Xetec Lt. Kernal Manual
Xetec Lt. Kernal hard drive manual. xetec-lt-kernel-manual
2020-11-16 English PDF 9.34 MB 656 Download
zip11 Xetec Super Graphics Jr. Printer Interface Manual

The Xetec Super Graphix jr printer interface for the Commodore family of computers combines many features that previously were not available in one interface. Congratulations on your choice!

2021-08-21 English PDF 3.7 MB 812 Download
d64 floppy12 Zoom Floppy Manual v2.0 HOT

Manual for the Zoom Floppy USB to IEC Device.

2016-01-21 English PDF 403.46 KB 1,184 Download
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