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SuperKey Manual Category: Software Manuals [C64]02-28-24

SuperKey is a utility program for the Commodore 64 computer that allows you to redefine up to 96 keys on your keyboard. You can redefine some or all of the keys, and add, change or delete any of the definitions
at any time. The keys that you can redefine are the graphics characters that are accessed by pressing and holding either the SHIFT or Commodore keys prior to pressing one of the graphics keys. Throughout the remainder of this manual the SHIFT and Commodore keys will be abbreviated SH and C=, respectively.

Thanks to Anthony for providing this documentation.  Although it's a scan of a photo copy, so far it's the only manual I've ever seen for this software and it's much appreciated.

Note - If anyone has this utility, I would love to add it to the site.

Platform: PDF
RTC Master 128 Docs Category: Software Manuals [C64]02-28-24

RTC Master 128 Docs - Our friendly neighborhood sleuth,  Colt45, did some digging and uncovered some documentation that was hidden in a .PRG file.  Turns out it was just a .SEQ file that had been renamed. 

If you're curious about RTC Master 128, you can grab it HERE.

Thanks Colt45 for all your help!

P.S. - It is suspected that this program was used with the online service GEnie, can anyone confirm?

Platform: PDF
Kwik-Load Manual Category: Software Manuals [C64]02-27-24

KWIK-LOAD! is a software utility program for the Commodore 64 or Executive 64 computer. It speeds up the way the disk drive reads information on a 5 1/4" floppy diskette. It will work with one or two Commodore 1541 disk drives. KWIK-COPY, a second program on the diskette, uses simple screen menus to guide you through otherwise complicated procedures. With KWIK-LOAD! and KWIK-COPY you can:

  • Load programs and data more than 300% faster;
  • Copy diskettes more than 300% faster;
  • Test your disk drive for proper operating speed;
  • Edit information on a diskette directly by track and sector;
  • Display and write diskette directory information in alphabetical order; and
  • Perform DOS (Disk Operating System) operations: format and validate disks, scratch and rename files.

Thanks to Anthony for providing this manual.  It's a bit rough because it's a scan of a photocopy, but I haven't seen it anywhere else on the net, so it's much appreciated.

Platform: PDF
Cave of the Word Wizard User's Manual Category: Game Manuals [C64]02-26-24

Cave of the Word Wizard User's Manual - Thank you Don for donating this!

You have wandered into a mysterious cave, and the entrance has been sealed behind you. Suddenly the Word Wizard appears and informs you that in order to leave his cave you must find four magic crystals which
have the power needed to open the cave entrance. You have only a flashlight to help you find your way, and your batteries are running low.

Platform: PDF
Ivory BBS v3.2 Category: Ivory BBS02-17-24

Ivory BBS v3.2 for the Commodore 64 by Bill Jackson (1989) - There are much newer versions of this BBS, but I love collecting everything C64 related, and it's sometimes fun to see the variations between versions.

Platform: Commodore 64
Activision's Commodore 64 15-Pack Docs & History Category: Game Manuals [C64]02-17-24

Activision's Commodore 64 15-Pack Docs & History (that's just what I'm calling it) is a compilation of the "help" files included with the 1995 release of the game cd for Windows 95 called "Activision's Commodore 64 15 Pack".  In this archive you'll find 68 pages of compiled documentation, help, history and interviews that were contained in the help files on the CD-ROM.

Thanks to Bruce Thomas for finding and transcribing this hidden treasure that probably went unnoticed by most that owned the CD, into a PDF document for all to enjoy. 

Platform: PDF
Commodore Store Demos Category: Demos02-17-24

I was going through some disks DLH over at Bombjack sent me, and I found this disk that appears to be something Commodore perhaps supplied to retail stores to demo the features of the Commodore 64.  I love the part of the demo that "projects" their popularity.

Platform: Commodore 64
Multiterm 128 v2.0 Category: Terminal Programs [C128]01-28-24

Multiterm 128 v2.0 by Stephen Thompson (1986) - This is one of the earliest versions of this 40/80 column terminal program for the Commodore 128 that I've found as of 1/28/2024.  Thanks to DLH for sharing the collection this was found among.  If you're looking for the newest version, I believe it's Multiterm 128 v3.7 that can be found here.

Platform: Commodore 128
TermX Category: Miscellaneous Terminal Programs01-28-24

TermX by Stephen E. Masters (January 1984) - This C64 BASIC program is not a full terminal program, but rather something custom coded for uploading and downloading from something the author describes in the docs as the "TSP or CMS on the UM computer system".  There is some pretty good documentation included in the archive.  Here is an excerpt from the docs:

TERMX is a terminal emulation program for the Commodore-64. It will work on TSO or CMS on the UM computer system. Some of its features include:

1. File upload and download from CMS using CMS execs and programs.
2. "Bell code" recognition.
3. Multiple line feeds after each line are suppressed.
4. Carrier tone recognition and initial response.

Thanks DLH for sharing.

Platform: Commodore 64
Wild Term! Category: Miscellaneous Terminal Programs01-28-24

Wild Term! by Wizard Soft (1985) - It's been a while since I've discovered a new terminal program, but thanks to DLH for sharing a collection of BBS and terminal programs, I've found this older 300 baud only term.

Platform: Commodore 64
Bible Hangman Category: Word Games01-26-24

Bible Hangman is your classic hangman game with questions based on Bible scriptures. How well do you know your Bible and God? 

Platform: Commodore 64
D64 Disk Image Data Visualizer Category: Amiga Software01-26-24

Although this isn't an actual download, I think it's so cool that I want to share it with everyone!  Here is an excerpt from the size that explains what this handy online tool can do:

Simply pick one of the disk colors above (Heatmap is selected by default), drag a D64 image from your computer to the webpage, and drop it. After a second or two, a visualization of your D64 will appear on the screen.

You can also find this and many other handy links at a new website I'm working on -


Datalock Protection Dongle Documentation Category: Hardware Manuals [C64]01-26-24

This documentation was provided by one of our users (thank you Jeff) that explains the use of a hardware dongle by Datalock.  Here is an excerpt from the documentation:

Datalock security keys are small plastic devices which plug into the joystick port. The program you want to protect is made to read the unique circuit inside the key. If the correct key is not present, the program will not work.

Platform: PDF
C64 Themepack for Windows Category: Miscellaneous PC Stuff01-25-24

Commodore 64 Themepack for Windows by Philippe Majerus - This retro themepack was shared by Philippe over at the Commodore 64/128 Facebook group today, and it's pretty darn cool!  There are 156 loading / title screens from C64 games, as well as a C64 style mouse pointer, sounds and color schemes.  I particullary like the sounds and pointer.

Platform: Windows
Decision Maker Category: Miscellaneous Applications01-19-24

Decision Maker by Creative Software - Although there isn't any identifying marks, like an opening screen or credits in the code, I believe based on comparing the program and the manual that this is the Creative Software version.  I wouldn't go making any career choices based on your results from the program, but it is kind of fun to play around with.

Thanks goes to one of our visitor, M.M. for finding this item I had on my wanted list!

Platform: Commodore 64
Dolphin DOS 3 ROM [C128] Category: C128 - Cartridges & ROMS01-16-24

Dolphin DOS is a Kernal ROM (and drive ROM) replacement utilising a parallel cable.  This is archive is a Commodore 128 kernel ROM of Dolphin DOS 3.  Additional information and downloads for Dolphin DOS can be found on the Dolphin DOS wiki and the Silver Dream website.

Platform: Commodore 128
Ultra-Com BBS v1.3 Category: Miscellaenous BBS Programs01-15-24

Ultra-Com BBS v1.3 (Also known as UCBBS) by Pudwerx (Released 1990) - From the little research I've done, my guess is that this is a heavily modded / improved Ivory BBS.  There is a small program on the disk that goes over the BBS features both from the user's perspective and the sysops. 

Thanks to DLH over at Bombjack for providing the disk.

Print Master Plus User's Guide Category: Software Manuals [C64]01-15-24

PrintMaster is a versatile graphics program that lets you use your computer and printer to design and print personalized greeting cards, signs, stationery, calendars, and banners. You do not have to know how
to program a computer or even draw to use PrintMaster creatively. Just make selections from the border, graphics, layout, and font menus, enter your message, and print.

Platform: PDF
6485 BBS v3.0 Category: 6485 BBS01-15-24

6485 BBS v3.0 - So far, this is the earliest version of this particular BBS for the Commodore 64 that I've run across.

Platform: Commodore 64
Micro64 v1.00 (2018-03-16) Category: Micro6401-14-24

Micro64 v1.00 (2018.03.16 Build 719) is a Commodore 64 emulator for Windows that aims to be the most accurate C64 emulator.  More information can be found at the Micro64 website at

Lots of changes and updates over the 5 years since the previous 2013 release.  Changes are logged in a text file in the root of this archive.

Platform: Windows
Code 128DG Category: Miscellaneous Applications01-09-24

Code 128DG might sound like a program for the Commodore 128, but it isn't.  Instead, Code 128 was named after a high-density linear barcode which also gives a hint to what this program does; creates barcodes!  Although a bit of a novelty, it's pretty neat to type in a couple words (on your Commodore 64) and have a hi-res graphic of the barcode appear.  A nice extra feature of the program is that you can define the width of the barcode to accomodate for using a CRT to try and read back the barcode from.

This program was downloaded over at and was created and published by the user dgeoffri on January 23rd, 2019.

Platform: Commodore 64
GEOWORLD - Issue 05 Category: GEOWORLD01-09-24

GEOWORLD - Issue 05 (August 1987)

  • As the world GEOS by .. by Rodger Ledbetter
    • A word, or two,from your publisher.
  • Quad Density Printer Drivers? You Bet! by Terry R. Mills
    • Double Pass Printing for Epson Compatibles.
  • How to Expand the 1764 to 512K by Scott A. Boydman
    • Step-by-step instructions.
  • Photo Gallery by James Hastings
    • G-R-E-A-T GeoPaint examples!
  • Inside GEOS by Master Blaster
    • Icons, Icon Processing & Other Goodies
  • Desk- Top Publishing by Skip Goetzinger
    • The 1750 & Desk-Top Publishing
  • A Word from BSW by Rob Seigel (GEOS Rob)
    • A discussion about GEOS 128
Platform: PDF
GEOWORLD - Issue 04 Category: GEOWORLD01-09-24

GEOWORLD - Issue 04 (June 1987)

  • MacPaint to GeoPaint Conversions By Peter and Paul Hughes
    • Interesting review of the various programs that were used over time to convert MacPaint images to GeoPaint and what the limitations of the early programs were.
  • Double the Size of Print Shop Graphics By Terry R. Mills
    • Outline of the steps needed to use Graphics Grabber from Desk Pack 1 to create a double sized PrintShop clipart graphic.  Also includes a BASIC program to view the files.
  • GeoPaint and MacPaint Proportions by Peter Hughes
    • In depth examination of the difference in resolution and proportion of MacPaint graphics when converted to GeoPaint.
  • Inside GEOS by Master Blaster
    • Excellent article about Events and Menus as related to programming in GEOS
  • Berkeley Softworks by Rob Siegel (GEOS Rob)
    • An article about how Rob uses GEOS programs throughout his day at work.
  • Interesting Diagrams by K.F.C.
    • There are a couple pages that have some really detailed diagrams of what I think are cheat sheets for GeoPaint and GeoWrite.
Platform: PDF
Kung Fu Flash Firmware v1.49 Category: Kung Fu Flash01-09-24

KungFuFlash Cartridge Update v1.49 (January 2024)

  • Hide hidden and system files/folders (#184). Thanks buzbard
  • Bugfix: Wait for a valid C64 clock before selecting NTSC/PAL handler

Official Release Site -

Platform: Commodore 64
Commodore 64 Whizz Kid Category: C64 General Books01-08-24

The Commodore 64 Whizz Kid is for kids from six upwards and their parents. It's a book of programming projects that are great to look at and easy to create. There's computer music, drawing, animation, games of chance and guess work and much, much more.

You can learn a lot from these projects. Between them they cover the basics of programming. But that doesn't mean heavy reading. The Commodore 64 Whizz Kid makes light work of it all. There are colour pictures and diagrams on every page, plenty of handy hints - and good listings.

The listings are the starting point for on-screen action - and plenty of it. They're the starting point for your own ideas as well. Follow the Whizz Kid projects and you'll find your programming muscles start expanding- fast.

Platform: PDF
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