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64 BlazeTerm v0.77 [ 64 BlazeTerm v0.77 [DOS]

64 BlazeTerm by Mark D. Rejhon is one of those gems you run across and ask yourself, why haven't I heard of this before?  This thing is amazing!  All credit for this discovery goes to Andrew Wiskow of Cottonwood / Borderline BBS fame over at http://cottonwoodbbs.dyndns.org/ .

If you've used CGTerm for calling C64 telnet BBSes, you need to give this program a try.  Although it's a DOS program, it runs PERFECT under DosBox and is super easy to use.  Fire up DosBox, when you get to a dos prompy, type "serial1=modem" hit enter then CD over to the dir you extracted BlazeTerm to and fire it up!  Andrew Wiskow has a step by step tutorial HERE.  Because of the nature of the Web, I'll also put a copy of the tutorial on this website in the Reference -> Manuals -> Software Manuals section.


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