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Gary's Graphics [G Gary's Graphics [GEOS]

Gary's Graphics by... you guessed it, Gary.  Seriously though, I leeched this nice disk full of geoPaint graphics from one of my favorite Commodore BBS' - ParticlesBBS.  If you'd like to visit and give some support, I'd appreciate it, because all I do is leech software (mostly).  You can use the excellent Windows terminal CCGMSx v1.0.0 by Style to connect @ particlesbbs.dyndns.org:6400 and enjoy BBS'ing like it's the 1990's all over again!

BTW, the screenshots are actual printed pages coming from the VICE emulator.  If you'd like to know how to print from the Commodore 64 using VICE, check out this video on the Basic Bytes channel over at YouTube.


System Commodore 64
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