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BasEdit.Net v1 BasEdit.Net v1.4.6

A CBM BASIC Editor for Windows written by Björg Stojalowski in VB.NET 2010

- Attempted to add abbreviated token support (see "TokenList_BasicV2_ed.txt")
- Added keymap for suit WinVICE on Swedish keyboard (see "KeyMap_Swe_WinVICE.txt")
- Added "Cut Block", "Copy Block" and "Paste Block" menu items triggering on CTRL+Shift+X, CTRL+Shift+C and CTRL+Shift+V, respectively.
- Ctrl+Shift normally toggles between the upper & lowercase charsets, but I've disabled this behaviour if you use the right-hand-side CTRL key.
- Added in Schlowski's fix relating to a ctrl-left/ctrl-right issue of the display going out-of-sync and showing a lot of spaces before the first character.
- Fixed a prob when moving down from the end of a long-line to a short line, if you did a ctrl-left, it would get an exception due to trying to perform a .substring() on a shorter string.


System Windows
Size110.69 KB