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PCVIC v1.19 [ PCVIC v1.19 [DOS]

System requirements:

  • PC-compatible, RiscPC Intel board, Amiga 8086 bridgeboard (slow). To run it at full Vic-20 speed, you will need a 25 Mhz AT or a 20 Mhz 386SX. To run it at full video rendering and frame rate as well, you will need a 40Mhz 386DX.
  • Supports both standard and advanced keyboards.
  • Register-compatible EGA or VGA card or emulation. Archimedes RISCPC users can run it in a window. Windows users should run it full-screen.
  • DOS-compatible operating system (PC-DOS, MS-DOS, DR DOS, OS/2, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT, etc.).


  • Timer-controlled to run at proper Vic-20 speed on fast machines.
  • Autodetect RAM expansion/multiple-file ROM image for easy running; Runs 8K and 16K ROM programs, and Unexpanded, 3K, 8K, 16K, 24K RAM-type programs. 27K expansion is also supported.
  • Save and restore system snapshot. Snapshots are compressed to save disk space.
  • Two different screen sizes and screen panning to support Vic-20 programs that use large screen modes.
  • Supports Vic-20 paddles, light pen and joystick.
  • Vic-20 keyboard layout can be viewed by pressing [F8]. Hurry-up key is [F4].
  • Menu driven interface.
  • Sound (PC-speaker or Adlib): Interrupt-driven sound for correct speed on all machines, but can also be set to produce sound without interrupts. Has two different PC-speaker modes. Voices can be turned off individually.
  • Built-in screen grabber.
  • Simple register dump now available.
  • Improved emulation since 1.0. Fixed some bugs, including a BCD bug, better I/O emulation, screens with more than 30 columns supported, inverted mode implemented. Avenger, Gold Fever, Bagdad, IFR flight sim, Mountain King, Fourth Encounter, Centipede, AE, Blondell, Omega Race, Battlefield, Krell, Donkey Kong, Star Defence, Ms Pacman now work 100%.
  • Now supports joystick!


System DOS
Size70.85 KB


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