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Micro 6502 - Issue 60 Micro 6502 - Issue 60 NEW

Micro 6502 - Issue 60 - May 1983

  • The ATARI 1200XL - A comparison of the Atari 1200XL, 800 and 400 computers
  • Microprocessors for Your Apple II - A comparison of add-on boards for the Apple II
  • COMMODORE New Wave - A discussion of Commodore's new product line
  • Is 16 Bits the Solution? - Can 8-bit technology survive in the small computer market?
  • Get More Data on Your CBM Disk - Write up to four times more numerical data on disk using binary format
  • Parameter Passing in Assembly Language, Part I - Pass data to and from assembly language subroutines
  • Real-time Clock for the Color Computer - Add a real-time clock and date function to your programs
  • &GET on the Apple - A machine-language program to allow customized input routines
  • Modifying and Using MAE on the PET - Modifications allow output to an ASCII printer and listing output to a disk file
  • 68000 Instructions - Miscellaneous instructions implemented on the 68000
  • It's All Relative, Part 5: Printing Commodore File Data - How to format and print data from Commodore relative disk files
  • Breakup - A simple animation game that demonstrates PEEKs and POKEs
  • Addressfile - A file-management system for the VIC-20 and other Commodore computers
  • Apple Graphics for Okidata Microline 80: Revisited - Print Apple II hi-res graphics screens on an Okidata Microline 80 printer
  • A Universal Printer Pager for Apple - Automatically produce top and bottom margins on each page of printer output
  • Second PET as Soft Printer - Address a second PET as IEEE Device 4
  • MULTIC - A Multi-Column Print for AIM - Print AIM listings the full width of your printer
  • Superboard II / Quick Printer II - An inexpensive way to interface the OSI Superboard II to a RS Quick Printer II
  • PET VET - Load-and-Run programming
  • From Here to Atari - Drawing geometric shapes
  • CoCo Bits - A look at the TDP 100, modems, and service manuals
  • Interface Clinic - Experiments in interfacing


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