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Micro 6502 - Issue 58 Micro 6502 - Issue 58

Micro 6502 - Issue 58 - March 1983

  • Hi-Res Plotting with the VIC - Combine VIC-1515/1525 printer with the VIC-20 for high-resolution graphics
  • Print Control for Apple Printers - A shorth subroutine for automatic pagination and user-selectable margins
  • Centronics Printer Driver for Your Microcomputer - an MX-Driver assemble language program
  • Disk ID for Printed OSI Directories - Put unused disk space to good use
  • Apple PRINT-USING Routine - a machine language routine for formatted output
  • A Full Byte for Your Apple Printer - Greater control using the eighth bit
  • MICRO Calc for Commodore and Apple - A miniature electronic spreadsheet
  • Digi-Draft for Atari 400/800 - A sophisticated drawing program
  • The Computer Revolution Reaches the Community
  • BANNER: A Display Program for the Color Computer
  • 68000 BCD and Privileged Instructions
  • A Versatile Hi-Res Graphics Routine for the Apple
  • Apple Disk Track Copy for Non-Matching Numbers
  • It's All Relative, Part 4 Using Commodore's Relative Records - Read and write relative files


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