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Micro 6502 - Issue 57 Micro 6502 - Issue 57

Micro 6502 - Issue 57 - February 1983

  • SuperPET APL - An unusual, but powerful, fast, and memory-efficient language
  • EDIT: An Atari FORTH Screen-Oriented Editor - A big improvement over the APX line editors
  • Apple Pascal Hi-Res Screen Dump - Dump the high-resolution graphics screen to your printer
  • An Introduction to FORTH - All about Reverse Polish Notation, colon definitions, and other FORTH features
  • FORTH for the 6809 - A look at CCFORTH, figFORTH, and several FLEX-based systems
  • The World According to LISP - A power language suited to robotics and artificial intelligence
  • Improved IEEE-488 Control for the PET/CBM - More precise control of the bus, without using logical files
  • VIC RS-232 Printer - Interface the Radio Shack Quick Printer and other RS-232 devices
  • PROM BASIC for the C1P - Increase the C1P's performance without a disk drive
  • Indirect Files Under OS-65D - Use the indirect file merge programs, perform warm starts, transfer programs
  • It's All Relative, Using Commodore's Relative Records - Part 3 - Use a key file as an index into a relative file
  • A Binary Search Routine - Two demonstration programs illustrate this technique
  • BASIC Renumber for OSI - Renumber programs in memory and save to tape
  • 68000 Program Control: Branch and Jump Instructions


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