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Micro 6502 - Issue 55 Micro 6502 - Issue 55

Micro 6502 - Issue 55 - December 1982

Commodore Feature

  • It's All Relative - CBM Disk Techniques, Part 1 - Get the most from CBM's powerful disk operating systyem
  • Squeeze for PET Programs - Squeeze out imbedded blank, line seperators, and comments
  • BASIC Line Delete for PET/CBM and VIC - A machine language program to delete blocks of BASIC lines
  • SOUP: A CBM Machine-Language Compare Program - A compare program for machine-language program files
  • Microcomputers in a College Teaching Laboratory, Part 2


  • Apple ILISZT for Integer BASIC Programs - Print your program in a clear, structured format and detect embedded binary code
  • BASIC Macro Function for Cursor Control on the OSI - Insert statements with just two keys
  • Atari Character Graphics from BASIC, Part 3 - Add to Atari's vertical blank interrupt routines
  • Applesoft GOTO/GOSUB Checking Routine - Verify all GOTO and GOSUB references in your program


  • Adding Voice to a Computer - A low-cost procedure for sampling and reproducing voice
  • Enhanced Video for OSI C1P - Add five chips - and several features
  • Home Control Interface for C1P - Add you own ultasonic control
  • Atari Meets the BSR X-10 - Use Atari's controller ports
  • 68000 Logic Instructions - Our discussion of the 68000 instruction set continues
  • Programmable Character Generator for OSI - Design your own character set
  • Utilizing the 6502's Undefined Operation Codes - Hardware to use these op codes for new psuedo-instructions


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