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Micro 6502 - Issue 54 Micro 6502 - Issue 54

Micro 6502 - Issue 54 - November 1982

Game Features

  • Castle Adventur for PET and Apple
  • SYM 23 Matches
  • Solve the Pagoda Puzzle Using Recursive Assembly
  • Number Shuffle on the Atari
  • Sensible Use of Apple Game Paddles
  • Space Invasion for OSI C1P/Superboard
  • Apple Shootdown


  • Atari Joysticks on the OSI - A simple modification including software and programming information
  • An MC68000 Overview, Part 2 - Simple examples illustrate 68000 programming techniques
  • A Monitor for the TRS-80 Color Computer - Instructions to get composite video from the video section of the CC
  • FLEX and the TRS-80 Color Computer - A description of FLEX09
  • 68000 Binary Arithmetic Operations
  • How to Make a Graphic-80 PET from a 4016 - Just add inexpensive ICs and move jumpers


  • Apple Hi-Res Graphics and Memory Use - Avoid overwriting the graphics display area
  • Atari Character Graphics from BASIC, Part 2 - Learn about fine scrolling
  • Getting Around the Apple Hi-Res Graphics Page - Utilize the graphics area without sacrificing memory
  • Extra Colors for the Atari - Two techniques to expand your computer's palette
  • Introduction to 3-D Rotation on the Apple - Learn the techniques for yaw, pitch, and roll


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