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Micro 6502 - Issue 53 Micro 6502 - Issue 53

Micro 6502 - Issue 53 - October 1982

  • Introduction to Turtle Graphics in Apple Pascal - Dump Pascal Turtle Graphics to a printer
  • Three Faces of Apple LOGO - Different approaches to an educational programming language
  • Mircocomputers in a College Teaching Laboratory - Part 1 - An overview of microcomputer use in an undergraduate lbaoratory program
  • A Personal Computer for Untrained Users - Strategies for creating crash-proof BASIC programs
  • Machine-Language Screen Utilities for the CBM-8032 - Screen formatting and easy cursor positioning
  • Auto Graph for the Apple - Using an EXEC file to self-modify a BASIC program
  • Screen Editor for the OSI 65D Assembler - Add this convenient editing capability to your assembler
  • Formatted Output with Atari BASIC - Print-using for the Atari
  • Building a Parallel Printer Interface - A general discussion with details on a C1P to C1P interface
  • The IBM Selectric as as OSI System Printer - A cheap letter quality printer
  • A Homespun 32K Color Computer - Expand your 16k TRS-80C to 32K bytes of RAM memory
  • Apple Pascal P-Code Interpreter and the 6809 - A comparision of P-Code efficiency between 6502 and 6809 computers
  • Atari Character Graphics from BASIC, Part 1 - A technique to use character-mode display graphics
  • Apple Slices - Run the Pascal assembler under DOS 3.3
  • PET Vet - A better BASIC - Waterloo microBASIC on the SuperPET


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