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Micro 6502 - Issue 50 Micro 6502 - Issue 50

Micro 6502 - Issue 50 - July 1982

  • Rewriting PET ROMs - Eliminate bugs and add improvements by rewritting your operating system
  • Timing and Counting with the 6522 - Perform precision timing tasks with the Versatile Interface Adapter
  • An Overview of Apple DOS - Learn how to manipulate and modify DOS
  • Converting Apple Pictures to a Standart Bit-Mapped Format - Transfer Apple hi-res screens to Visibile Memory on the PET
  • PET Communicates with Apple - Use the Apple's cassette port to transport data
  • Apple Disk Sector Map Utility - Determine actual sector allocation
  • Build an Apple Cart - An inexpensive way to build a home for your Apple
  • Low-Resolution Graphics and Apple Pascal - Access Apple's lo-res capabilitiess from Apple Pascal
  • Computer-Assisted Translation of Program from 6502 - 6809 - Translating techniques
  • Auto Entry for the C1P - Easy keyboard entry for machine language programs
  • TAPDUP - AIM Tape Copy Utilitiy - Backup your cassettes by controlling two recorders at the same time
  • Apple Slices - A method to pass parameters between BASIC and machine language
  • PET Vet - Review of POWER, a flexibile utility package


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