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Micro 6502 - Issue 47 Micro 6502 - Issue 47

Micro 6502 - Issue 47 - April 1982

  • AIM User Device Arbiter - Expand the AIM's I/O ports
  • General Purpose Tape I/O for OSI - Flexible cassette LOAD and SAVEfunctions are provided
  • A Real Tape Operating System - Get the most out of Commodore's reliable system
  • COPCOP Single Drive Copier - Copy OSI diskettes quickly and easily
  • Vortax Interface for SYM - Easily interface this speech synthesizer to your system's VIA
  • 6508 - A New 6502 Configuration - Package includes processor, I/O, RAM and other features
  • Programmable Reverse Video for the C1P - Add this handy feature to your C1P with programming and circuitry
  • Structured Programming in BASIC09 - Combine the benefits of structured programming and user interaction
  • Extension to the C-Bug Monitor - Debugging functions are added to this ML monitor for the Color Computer
  • Multiprecision Addition - A Comparison of 6809 and 6502 Programming
  • FLEX: An Operating System for the 6809 - FELX's history, features and applications are discussed
  • 7SEG: PET Giant Character Set - Alpha-numeric characters on seven-segment display
  • Applesoft Variable Dump - This debugging utility provides a dump of current variable array values
  • Integer Cross-Reference Utilities - Generate a complete cross-reference table for Apple Integer BASIC programs


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