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Micro 6502 - Issue 46 Micro 6502 - Issue 46

Micro 6502 - Issue 46 - March 1982

  • VisiCalc Formulas for Depreciation - Ready-to-use formulas provide three methods of depreciation
  • Numerical Solution of Differential Equations - Runge-Kutta method and Applesoft program help you solve equations
  • Legrange Interpolating Polynomial - This helpful routine will run on any machine with floating point BASIC
  • SIN(X) The Hard Way - Learn how the in-ROM machine language routing works
  • A Cross Reference Generator for OSI BASIC - Find any variable or line number in your OSI BASIC program
  • More Hooks into OSI BASIC - Add keywords to BASIC under OS-65D v3.2
  • Microsoft BASIC-in-ROM Extensions - PRINT AT and CALL functions are added to BASIC-in-ROM
  • Machine Language to DATA Statement Generator - This handy routine can be applied to all OSI BASIC-in-ROM machines
  • Autonumber Plus for Cursor Control - Add automatic line numbering and PRINT AT to your cursor control program
  • KIM Bouncy Keypad Cure - The 94-bye program prolongs the life of your bouncy keypad
  • Binary Storage and Array Retrieval - A technique for extremely fast I/O of arrays on disk is presented
  • A Disassembler for the 6809 - This disassembler is written in Microsoft BASIC and will run on the Apple II or the Radio Shack Color Computer
  • PET Audible Disk Alarm - This simple enhancement sounds an alarm when a disk error occurs
  • I/O Expansion for AIM - Add two VIAs to trible I/O capacity


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