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Micro 6502 - Issue 45 Micro 6502 - Issue 45

Micro 6502 - Issue 45 - February 1982

  • Utilities for the Color Computer - Dump or disassemble 6809 or ASCII code anywhere in memory
  • Formatting AIM Assembler Listings - This program uses a PL/65 approach
  • Superboard Expansion System - Double memory and increase capabilities of C1P and Superboard II
  • Using Atari's Countdown Timers - Use timers with BASIC and Assembly Language programs
  • Speedy Routine for C1P Joystick - Take "slow motion" out of your real-time games
  • Credit Box Creator - Clever techniques to aid your programming
  • RUNZMENU - Eliminate task of rebooting DOS upon language card reset
  • Shape Manipulate - Create, delete, add shapes from tables
  • A FORTHword - A bried history and discussion of features of FORTH
  • Using FORTH with the 6502 - Three applications to utilize the power of FORTH
  • Stepper Motor Control: A FORTH Approach - Command language in FORTH controls movement
  • Life in FORTH and BASIC - Compare and learn from two languages
  • PET Vet - High-level languages on SuperPET
  • From Here to Atari - A look at DOS file structure and the floppy disk system
  • The Single Life - A FORTH vendor is spotlighted


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