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Micro 6502 - Issue 42 Micro 6502 - Issue 42 NEW

Micro 6502 - Issue 42 - November 1981

  • Precision Programming - Easily write structured programs using BASIC
  • Pascal Tutorial, Part 1 - Firts lesson to help you understand UCSD and Pascal
  • Auto Line Numbers for OSI Disk Basic - Imitate large computers and make programming easier
  • Some Help for KIM, Part 1 - Extend usefullness of KIM memory dump routine
  • Lunar Landar - (for the Color Computer) Try to land on the surface of the moon
  • Galacti-Cube - Apple game that dares you to escape from cubic maze
  • The Game People Buy - Trends in the computer game industry
  • Saucer Launch - You against the flying saucers (Atari)
  • Othello - Popular board game now for the Apple
  • Ultimate Ping Pong for PET - This version of Pong uses character graphics and fast keyboard control
  • OS-9 and the 6809: Revolutionary Tools - Highlights of the OS-9, feature, and concepts are discussed
  • Apple II Digital Storage Oscilloscope - Easily convert your Apple into an oscilloscope
  • Function Generator and Library Manager - Customize your I/O Functions (Apple)
  • ASCII Dump for the Apple - Extend "examine memory" routine in Apple's monitor
  • Apple Bits, Part 3 - Presentation of giant letters, animation conclude series


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