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Micro 6502 - Issue 41 Micro 6502 - Issue 41 NEW

Micro 6502 - Issue 41 - October 1981

  • The Radio Shack Color Computer - Features of this versatile 6809-based computer are highlighted
  • Applesoft Mystery Parameter - An undocumented "booby trap" in Applesoft it utilized
  • 6522-Based Pot Position Digitizer - Convert the position of a pot to a number your computer can use
  • 6502 Frequency Counter - Make your computer an inexpensive frequency counter
  • Step Up to Programmable Motion - Interfacing of a stepper motor to a KIM-1 is outlined
  • The 6809 and the S-50 Bus - Who's doingg what in the 6809 world is explained and the S-50 highlighted
  • Handling Analog Signals with a Micro - Two techniques are given to handle analog signals
  • Interfacing Two 12-Bit A/D Converters to an AIM - Give your computer extra precision
  • Solar System Simulation, Part 2 - This geocentric program will print information about six planets
  • A Welcome to PET Users
  • Commodore ROM Genealogy - Find out about your PET through this history of Commodore configurations
  • VIC Light Pen-manship - Expalnation of how a light pen works is presented with demonstration programs
  • Substitute Characters - Create your own character set for your PET
  • Tamig the Wild Reset - Easily make your old Apple reset key into a control-reset key
  • Apple Byte Table - Help for decoding byte values in Apple's memory
  • Apple Bits, Part 2 - This part discusses an Integer BASIC program for constructing patters


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