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Micro 6502 - Issue 40 Micro 6502 - Issue 40

Micro 6502 - Issue 40 - September 1981

  • Jumps and the 6502 - Methods of jumping and branching are discussed
  • The Disk Switch - Add life to diskettes and disk drives, and save energy
  • It's Time to Stop Dreaming, Part 4 - Addressing modes of the 6502 and 6809 are compared, new ones discussed
  • Journal It: Screen Print Utility for Atari - This utility will capture screen text and then journal it on a printer
  • ASMLST: Full-sized Assembler Listing for AIM - Twenty-column listings are reformatted into full size
  • MICROCRUNCH: An Ultra-fast Arithmetic Computing System, Part 2 - A discussion of software support for the fast mathematics hardware outlined in Part 1
  • Apple Graphics - A quick overview of what's offered in our Apple Graphics Section
  • SHAPER: A Utility Program for Managing Shape Tables - Build shape tables by vector input
  • List Controller - This program provides flexibility and ease of operation when using the LIST command
  • Lo-Res Graphics and Pascal - Plot low resolution graphics using Pascal
  • Dollars and Sense Revisited - Learn to print format in Applesoft BASIC using a MID$ statement
  • Paddle Hi-Res Graphics - Draw background scenes using paddles
  • True 3-D Images on Apple II - Create stereo-pair images without accessory devices
  • Apple Bits, Part 1 - Aids for faster, more efficient low resolution graphics programming
  • Tracemark, An Apple II Debugging Aid - Understand comples problems with this study-tool utility


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