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Micro 6502 - Issue 39 Micro 6502 - Issue 39

Micro 6502 - Issue 39 - August 1981

  • Microcrunch: An Ultra-fast Arithmetic Computing System, Part 1 - Fast floating point processing on the Superboard II
  • It's Time to Stop Dreaming, Part 3 - More information on the 6809
  • Improved nth Precision - Code optimized for small systems
  • Disassembling to Memory with AIM 65 - Clean up disassembled code with AIM text editor
  • Sorting - A new application of Quicksort applied where individual members cannot be moved
  • Expressions Revealed, Part 2 - BASIC and Pascal programs demonstrate the translation process
  • Common Array Names in Applesoft II - a new command for Applesoft II
  • Applesoft Error Messages from Machine Language - Understand and use methods and data needed to utilize Applesoft error messages
  • Expanding the Superboard - Build your own expansion board for the Superboard
  • On Buying a Printer - Tips to help you purchase the right printer
  • Using a TTY Printer with the AIM 65 - Output to a teletype printer without restricting the use of the keyboard
  • A $200 Printer for C1P and Superboard - Hardware modifications and software considerations are presented
  • C1P to Epson MX-80 Printer Interface - A circuit is presented to interface the C1P to a popular printer
  • Utilities for the Paper Tiger 460 - BASIC and machine language programs present two utilities
  • PET/CBM IEEE 488 to Parallel Printer Interface - This interface maintains compatibility with PET BASIC CMD and PRINT# commands
  • An Inexpensive Printer for Your Computer - Circuit and software allow a printer to be interfaced to your 6502's parallel I/O port
  • The Extended Parser for the Apple II - This program allows easy control of functions
  • Search - This utility  routine aids in the writing and editing of programs in Integer BASIC
  • Trick DOS - Easily use DOS by changing any command to fit your needs
  • Sorting with Applesoft - An Applesoft BASIC program for a sorting algorithm is presented


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