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Micro 6502 - Issue 38 Micro 6502 - Issue 38

Micro 6502 - Issue 38 - July 1981

  • AIM Memory Maps - Find and use undocumented features
  • Function Input Routine for Applesoft - Input during program execution with the self-modifying subroutine
  • Vector Calculations with a Microcomputer - Use vectors quickly and easily with your micro
  • Phone Search - Cross-link phone numbers with record numbers
  • It's Time to Stop Dreaming, Part 2 - More information about the 6809
  • Expressions Revealed, Part 1 - Scanning, parsing and translating of expressions revealed
  • Electronic Typing Program for the Apple - Small word processors that edits one-line-at-a-time
  • An Introduction to Bit Pads
  • PET Interface to Bit Pad - Information on hardware and software implementation
  • Double Barrelled Disassembler - Short utility that makes creating disassembly listings easy
  • Singe-Drive Disk Backup-Ups for Apple - Back up a disk without worrying about files residing on it
  • Enhanced Input Routines - Put data into your program quickly and easily
  • Binary File Parameter List - List address and length of all binary files on a given disk
  • A Typewriter Bell for Your Microcomputer - Hardware and software sound an alarm when your near the end of a line
  • Monobyte Checksum Dumper for C1P - This utility provides fast tape I/O and checksum protection
  • Line Editor for OSI 540 Board - Elementary line editing functions for OSI computers with BASIC-in-ROM
  • Life in a Wrap-Around Universe - A novel variation on the old game
  • Step and Trace for C1P - A single step trace for BASIC programs


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