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Micro 6502 - Issue 37 Micro 6502 - Issue 37

Micro 6502 - Issue 37 - June 1981


  • It's Time to Stop Dreaming - An Introduction to the new 6809
  • Programmable Character Generator for the CBM 2022 Printer - Design special characters on the screen and store in "dictionary"
  • Musical Duets on the Apple II - Add harmony to your Apple's music
  • A C1P Dump Utility - A debugging tool for machine language and BASIC programs
  • Machine Language to DATA Statement Conversion - Easy and accurate way to put ML routines into a BASIC program
  • Telephone Directory/Dialer for the AIM - Turn your AIM into a telephone operator
  • Macros for Micros - An introduction to the MACRO assembler
  • Improved KIM Communications Capabilities - Add new I/O capabilities to your KIM
  • Amper Search for the Apple - Find character strings in BASIC arrays
  • Memory Expansion for the Superboard - Use the OSI 527 board for low-cost memory expansion
  • Horizontal Screen Scrolling on the CBM/PET - Simple modification means increase in resolution
  • Integer Flash for the Apple - How and why you can get flashing characters
  • Polled Keyboard for C1P/Superboard - Get both upper and lower case characters on your OSI
  • AIM 65 RS-232 Interface - Easy installation with electrical information
  • Real Time Clock for Superboard - Maintain and display real time in a background mode


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