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Micro 6502 - Issue 36 Micro 6502 - Issue 36

Micro 6502 - Issue 36 - May 1981


  • Macapple - Shorthand for commonly used Integer BASIC commands
  • KIM/SYM Home Accounting System - Simple application requiring little hardware
  • More Output From Your Micro - Add extra output bits to your AIM, SYM, KIM, Superboard or C1P
  • Applesoft Variable Dump - Handy debugging utility for Applesoft in ROM
  • How Microsoft BASIC Works - Explanation of variables and FNX definition
  • SYM-1 Communications Interface - Direct messages to SYM or modem
  • Apple Memory Maps, Part 2 - Listing and program description of memory maps
  • The Atari Dulcimer - Simulation of a 3-string dulcimer, in real time
  • An Inexpensive Word Processor - Interface an IBM 2740 terminal to an 8-bit parallel port
  • Tiny Pilot Follow-up - More information about Tiny, plus a programming example
  • Cursor Control for the C1P - Give your C1P user-selectable windows, one-key screen clear, and the ability to edit
  • Protecting Memory from DOS - Protect and use RAM above DOS


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