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Micro 6502 - Issue 30 Micro 6502 - Issue 30

Micro 6502 - Issue 30 - November 1980


  • How to Use the Hooks - Using Apple II's "hooks"
  • An Ultra-Fast Tape Storage System - Hardware modification to Ohio Scientific's Superboard
  • SYM-Bell - A telephone memory dialer for the SYM-1
  • Self-Modifying PET Programs - A tutorial with four projects
  • Ohio Scientific Users: Stop thos S ERRORS - Coverting graphics error messages into readable letters
  • A Versatile Hi-Res Function Plotter for the Atari 400 and 800 - Exploring color graphics possibilities
  • John Conway's Game of Life Using Display Devices With Automatic Scrolling - Running Life on most any display device
  • Step and Trace for the Apple II Plus - Restoring step and trace
  • AIM 65 File Operations: Writing Text Files with BASIC - Enhancing the value of BASIC


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