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Micro 6502 - Issue 29 Micro 6502 - Issue 29

Micro 6502 - Issue 29 - October 1980


  • An OSI Cheep Print - Getting data to a remote printer
  • PRINT USING for Applesoft - User-defined formatting of output for Applesoft
  • Define Your Own Function Key on PET - Create your own BASIC function key
  • An Improved Morese Code Receive Routine and Interface - AIM hardware and software enhancements to a previous article
  • Undedicating a dedicated Microcomputer - Developing a time-shared process controller
  • A "Stop-on-Address" Routine for KIM - An efficient debugging routine
  • Tiny Pilot Complemental (Co-Pilot) - A modification to Tiny Pilot
  • For Multiple File Tape Backups - A PET Utility for replicating cassette files
  • Paged Printer Output for the Apple - A page mode for Apple systems
  • Biorhythm: An AIM BASIC Programming Excercise - Plotting biorhythms on the AIM
  • Hexadecimal Printer - Specifying Apple II disassembler limits
  • Programming with Pascal - An overview of Pascal
  • Cassette Label Program - Use your Apple to print cassette labels


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