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Micro 6502 - Issue 28 Micro 6502 - Issue 28

Micro 6502 - Issue 28 - September 1980


  • Creating Shape Tables, Improved - An improved Apple Shape Making routine
  • Auto-Run-Save, Y-t Plotter, Canary for PET - Three assorted utilities for the PET
  • Loading KIM-1 Tape to AIM - Load any KIM program anywhere in the AIM memory
  • Compact - An in-place 'Stripper' program on the AIM
  • A C1P and H14 System, Part 2 - Information on how to drive the H14 printer
  • XREFER - A ABSIC program for assembler cross referencing
  • A Versatile HI-RES Function Plotter for the Apple II - Plot any expression as a function of an angle
  • Tiny PILOT for the AIM - Useful language for the AIM-65
  • Mean 14: A Pseudo-Machine Floating Point Processor for the Apple II - A quick and easy to use mathematical processor
  • 6502 Bibliography - Part XXIV


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