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Micro 6502 - Issue 27 Micro 6502 - Issue 27 NEW

Micro 6502 - Issue 27 - August 1980


  • Editorial - Uses and Abuses of the 6502
  • Data Statements Revisited  - Update statements quickly and easily
  • Satallite Tacking with the AIM-65 - Useful routines for space fans
  • Micro Limericks
  • Better Utilization of Apple Computer Renumber and Merge Program - Renumbering becomes simpler and more reliable
  • Variable Lister - How to find, sort and list variables from your BASIC program
  • Additions to Timy Pilot - Userful enhancements to Nick Virtis' Tiny Pilot
  • Micro Club CIruit
  • Nth Precision Add & Subtract with Adjusted Processor Status - Easy way to handle large numbers within a ML program
  • Solar System Simulation with or without an Apple II
  • OSI's Small Systems Journal
  • Interface of OSI C1P With Heath Printer - Simple way to obtain hard copy for your OSI C1P
  • Applesoft Floating Point Routines - Inside info on the Applesoft floating point routines
  • Atari Notes - Useful information about the Atari 800
  • Son of Screen Print - Aid for overcoming quirks in the PET Printers
  • Business Dollars and Sense in Applesoft - Rounding problems explained and solved
  • BCD Input to a 6502 Microprocessor - Interfacing laboratory devices to your 6502 system
  • 6502 Bibliography - Part XXIII


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