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Cursor - Vol. 06 - Issue 10 Cursor - Vol. 06 - Issue 10

Cursor - Vol. 06 - Issue 10

  • The Write Stuff Notes - Some interesting information about  The Write Stuff word processor for the Commodore 64 / 128
  • C-64 Machine Language - Part 5 - How to combine two programs into one
  • BB Outliner 128 - What it takes for a word processor to be a good outliner
  • Sort Big Files with a C128 - Sorting big files on a Commodore 128 with accompanying source code
  • Amiga Monitor - News and reviews of Amiga related happenings and software
  • Vale Transactor - Transactor for Amiga publication is no more
  • Why Buy a Modem - Everyone needs a modem, don't they?
  • About Shells - Some good information about the various command line interfaces available for the Amiga
  • The Super* Page - Interesting information about why there was never a SuperBase 4 for the Amiga and detailed SuperBase programming info
  • BASICS for Learners, Part 8 - Exploring the programs in the hidden drawers of Workbenh 1.3
  • Games Column - Reviews of Ports of Call (Aegis Development) and Red Lightning (SSI)
  • Amiga Public Domain Library - Short takes on the various PD disks in the CCUGQ and Fred Fish library

Note - The cover page volume number is wrong, this is really volume 6.


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