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ZZ9000 Firmware v1.8 for Zorro 3 ZZ9000 Firmware v1.8 for Zorro 3 NEW

Enhancements in v1.8 (released January 1, 2021):

  • Split Screen / Screen Dragging Support (requires P96 3.0 or later) (Beta).
  • Adds 256 MB AutoConfigTM Fast RAM on Zorro III machines.
  • Accelerated drawing operations are now flushed in vertical blanks.
  • Fixes spurious one-line wraparound at start/end of screen.
  • Fixes compatibility with some displays vs 1.8-beta1 (sync pulses).

Firmware 1.8 requires the new RTG driver version 1.8. Please download and install ZZ9000Installer1_8.lha on your Amiga before installing the 1.8 firmware (as recommended by Lukas Hartmann).


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