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Turbo Rascal Syntax Error v Turbo Rascal Syntax Error v0.07

Version 0.07 (08.08.2019)


Color syntax: Planned, Implemented, Cancelled/postponed

  • Systems
    • Basic Commodore PET support (no specific methods yet)
    • Fledgeling Amiga 500 (Motorola 68K) support:
      • IDE / assembler
      • Basic 1-5 bitplanes image support (+export)
      • M68000  compiler support (40% implemented)
      • M68000 built-in methods support (15% implemented)
  • Fjong raytracer
    • New document type .fjo implemented. Fjong files are lua scripts that initialize an update a scene that is ray-traced realtime (CPU).
    • Fjong saving and compression for those sweet sweet 6502 demo effects
    • Fjong tutorials and examples
  • Compiler:
    • Getbit finally fixed
    • if (.. AND / OR ..) optimizations
    • Integer arrays, optimizations
    • VIC 20 methods
    • Tons of bugfixes and updates
    • Assembler .asm files can now be compiled directly
    • OrgAsm tests for duplicate symbols. Parser also double-checks for symbol duplicates.
    • Minor OrgAsm bugfixes
    • Multiple source files project build settings
    • memcpyfast (for <127 byte copying), memcpyunrolled for those fixed-size chunks
    • Motorola 68000 support
    • Possible to define variables / constants with expression array[320*200] of byte; also using preprocessor directives
    • Several optimizations and lesser bugfixes
    • Preprocessor method @startassembler ” lda #00″ etc lets you insert user-defined assembly code directly after program load address and before any TRSE code is executed.
    • Krills loader tinycrunch support: KrillLoadCompressed added
    • CopyFullScreen can take pointers or addresses or a mix
    • Zeropage pointers can now be assigned in a much better way:
      • zp:=zp+40;
      • zp:=$0400 + 40*y;
      • zp:=data + 80*y;
      • zp:=zp-40;
    • Integer & zeropage pointers simple assigning a:=a+/-b optimization
    • Fixed bug with bitand/bitor (&/|) not being treated as binary operations, so that expression as a:=1+b&3; became incorrect.
    • Changed 8×8 bit multiplication to *not* use self-modified code (due to NES only having prg ROM, not RAM)
    • Optimized expressions like “c:=a+b*2” to always be “c:=b*2+a”, enable even further binop optimizations where right-hand side of equation is simple number / variable. About 1-2% code reduction.
    • Added method RightBitShift(address, number of chars) for right-shifting N chars 1 bit (with carry)
  • IDE
    • Wavefront .obj 3D file to amiga format converter (under tools menu)
    • Amiga image type (320×200)
    • Pico 8 image type & colors
    • Custom palette + palette editor + export to 12-bit Amiga format
    • Bitmap Font Generator (load system truetype, render to image cells (for amiga font usage)). Located in the image “import” dialoge.
    • Export charset-compressed multicolor images as screen data + charset data.
    • Help text updated
    • While painting, press 0-9 to set colors, press shift+(0-9) for colors 10-19
    • Individual character is updated while drawing  charsets
    • TinyCrunch D64 settings and D64 implementation
    • Support for overriding default .prg settings:
      • Start address
      • Stripping .prg 2 byte header
      • No basic SYS start
    • Vice auto injection support. Duh.
    • Fixed a bug when creating a new animation document. Was fixed to 20×19 chars, now possible to have any size.
    • Tons of bugfixes in the image / level editor! (0.06.2)
  •  Tutorials:
    • Fjong tutorials
    • Entire Purple Planet Yo VIC-20 demo project source included
    • VIC20 Nibbler tutorial game project by Andy H.


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