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Better Working Power C - [Commodore Better Working Power C - [Commodore 128]

Your POWER C System Disk contains the C Shell, Editors, Compiler, Translator, Linker, Stdio library, Math library and five sample C source code listings: test.c, format.c and format2.c, print.c, sort.c, find.c and wfreq.c. We strongly
advise that a back-up system disk be made from the original system disk and used instead of the original, which should then be stored safely away until' needed to create another back-up.

The reverse side of the system disk is the Library Disk. It contains the Stdlib.l and Syslib.l Function libraries. This Library Disk should also be backed-up immediately and we suggest that you use that work copy of the Library Disk rather than take a chance with the original. Instructions for making back-up disks are contained in your disk drive manual


System Commodore 128
Size79.82 KB


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