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Cross Chase Cross Chase 128

Cross Chase by Fabrizio Caruso is an action game for the Commodore 128 built with the CROSS-LIB framework.  This game comes in four versions; 40 & 80 column versions for the 8510 cpu and 40 & 80 column versions for the z80 cpu.  All four versions are in the archive.

The game's goal is to lure the "ghosts" into the mines and possibly kill the "skull" by repeatedly using the gun. You have to avoid all enemies, the mines, all walls, rockets and chasing missiles. All flashing items have positive effects and can grant you some special powers. Discover the 10 items. If you use the gun against the skull and/or the missiles and rockets, you can unlock some special secret items. There are 20 different levels including 4 boss levels.


System Commodore 128
Size34.3 KB


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