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Kipperterm 128 Kipperterm 128 v1.2

Kipperterm is a terminal program for the Commodore 128 that runs in 80 column mode with an RR-net compatible NIC card.  Supporting PETSCII and most of the ANSI and VT100 command sets.  Basically it allows you to telnet from your 128 in 80 column mode.

V1.2 Release Notes:

- Beside some minor issues I fixed a bug in IP65 (the TCP/IP stack used by Telnet65) that kept Telnet65 from connecting successfully to several types of servers.
- Telnet65 is now also available for the Atari (beside the C64 and the Apple //) thanks to the Christian Groessler.


System Commodore 128
Size20.42 KB


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