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Z64K v2.1.0 [Build 20211 Z64K v2.1.0 [Build 20211024]

Recent Change Log:

24 October

Swiftlink cartridge supports Turbo232 speeds
Cartridges that don't use IO1 and/or IO2 can be connected at the same time as other expansion devices.
UI changes to cartridge settings.

18 October

Disable audio master gain adjustment for systems that don't support it.

12 October

Updates to Swiftlink cartridge to support retroterm
Included buffer free progress bar in settings for internal userport modem.
Improved some rs232 badly formed address error handling.
Echo, quiet and verbose toggle button available in settings for userport internal modem
Set echo default to false. Prevents UP9600 driver in Striketerm being locked if modem on when driver selected
Detect when client disconnects.
Minor improvements to Hayes Modem command mode behavior.
Internal modem echo on and quiet off by default. Echo only in command mode.

10 October

Improved timing of userport rs232 receiving of data. Streaming of audio using retroterm 0.13 plays audio stream at correct speed and no longer causes modem buffer to overflow when playing long streams.

9 October

Increase internal modem buffer size

4 October

Minor Improvements to Machine Monitor next command behaviour.
Added Machine Monitor next (n) command. Single steps instruction but treats subroutines as a single instruction. Note to self: Must find some decent icons for the single stepping icons. :)
Fixed debugging with monitor for C128 Z80 cpu memory locations $1800-$3fff
REU retains memory after reset

2 October

Allow Userport modem to send and receive data at same time

30 September

Added 57600 baud rate option for userport rs232 to support Retroterm V0.13

26 September

Fixed reset bug that wasn't clearing Z80 HALT state when interrupts were disabled.
Improvements with Z80 HALT timing
More improvements to ZX spectrum snow effect

19 September

Applied some improvements to ZX Spectrum snow effect as discussed at Playing Robotics on ZX UNO+ - Page 3 - Spectrum Computing Forums

12 September

Setting of Z80 registers using machine monitor is now functional
Setting of Z80/6502 registers with machine monitoruses current radix

30 August

C128 d7xx floating IO
refresh DRAM in 2 Mhz mode reads valid data. https://sourceforge.net/p/vice-emu/code/HEAD/tree/testprogs/c128/openio/htst.prg flickers display like real hardware

1 August

Default internal modem with echo off, verbose on, and quiet on.
Improved internal modem Hayes command set.

31 July

Option to disable userport rs232 modem emulation. Allows connection to tcpser etc.

29 July

Fixed broken fast 1581 serial caused by recent changes to support UP9600

28 July

Included a default keyboard mapping for German keyboards thanks to Tokra . Disclaimer: not thoroughly tested but is much better than the default English mapping when using a German Keyboard. :)
Fixed restore key for VIC20.

27 July

VIC 20 uses mike-pal.vpl as default
Some minor fixes with timing of VIC interlace signal
Userport rs232 modem synchronisation greatly improved. Data transfers much more reliable with UP9600 and standard userport drivers.
Minor adjustment to value read for VIC $9004 register when in NTSC mode depending on cycle

25 July

Added UP9600 rs232 modem support.
Fixed bug with automatic loading of SDR value into CIA shift register when loaded at same time as final bit of previous SDRshifted out.

23 July

Improvements to Userport RS232. Huge improvement with sending valid data!
Fixed ZX spectrum settings title
Allow ZX spectrum to be default application on startup

21 July

Fixed bug with command line option -limitcycles that caused it not to trigger with TestBench scripts.

20 July

Minor change to latching behaviour to trigger on correct edge as set in ACR. Drive sends pulse from byte ready signalto trigger latching.

18 July

Update to VIA port latching. Fixes VICE bug#582 and Freespin still works!

14 July

Fixed bug with VIA latching not clearing when CA1 interrupt is cleared. Freespin demo doesn't crash anymore. :)
Added undocumented drive machine monitor commands motor and track
motor [on:off] - turn motor on/off , without arguments prints status of drive motor
track [in:out] - move rw head in/out 1 half track, without arguments prints current track

11 July

Adjusted disk SYNC detection. his-protection test passes.

10 July

Enabled Internal Palette selector available in settings.
Updated default VDC palette to c128-vdc-deekay.vpl as suggested by Deekay in the readme of the Colour Spectrum demo.
Freespin runs on 1571 drive in addition to 1541
C128 support of drive GPU required for Freespin demo
Improved sync detection. Freespin display a lot more stable (when it actually runs).
Fixed bug with VIA reset code that would lock drive if PB7 output was on. Freespin no longer locks the drive after reset.

9 July

Show correct frames/second in the frame title for all video chips, including simulated drive gpu.
Added sound support for Freespin demo. note: Demo still does not run reliably every time yet in emulation but it is improving.

8 July

Improved Freespin demo support. Better drive sync detection. Displays graphical effects correctly (when it works) warning: sometimes crashes the drive where the entire emulator needs to be closed and restarted. Freespin support is still a work in progress.

To play the Freespin demo, after the drive code has loaded, select Drive GPU from Machine settings==> Model panel. When screen turn blacks reattach the same disk image to start the demo.
Fix debugging of Z80 LD A,I and LD A,R

5 July

Added option to use disk drive as GPU for Freespin demo. note: Not reliable and does not play sounds yet.
Some improvements to userport rs232 emulation.


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