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Gunzip 128 v Gunzip 128 v1.11

Gunzip 128 v1.11 released on 11-19-2002 by Pasi 'Albert' Ojala

Features :

  • Decompresses both ZIP & GZIP compressed files!
  • Supports Deflate, Implode, Reduce, Shrink, Store (PKZIP methods 8,6,5-2,1,0)
  • Very fast decompression (file I/O takes the most time)
  • CRC-32 data integrity checking
  • Filename conversion into non-graphical PETSCII
  • Filename editing
  • Select the packet to decompress from a directory listing
  • Dissolves compressed D64 images directly into a 154x/7x disk
  • Writes non-compressed D64 images also
  • Has one-drive D64 dissolve!


System Commodore 128
Size6.97 KB


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