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The Final Replay v0.7 The Final Replay v0.7

The Final Replay is a new ROM image to be used with the Retro Replay cartridge and the RR-Net ethernet adapter. This ROM is an attempt to combine the advantages of the two major cartridges for the C64, the FC3 and AR6 and bring it to the Retro Replay. Unlike the existing Retro Replay ROM this cartridge does not build upon older cartridge ROM's but is written from scratch.

V0.7 (29.3.07):
Fixed: Fast format available again.
Fixed: Removed a possible crash in the DOS command.
Fixed: Monitor can now save RAM below $A000-$BFFF ROM.
Added: New BASIC command SETIP to change IP address.
Added: New DOS"D:(header),(id)" command to change disk header.
Added: INFO command now shows network addresses and number of rasterlines.


System Commodore 64
Size35.83 KB