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Denise 1.1.0 (C64 Emula Denise 1.1.0 (C64 Emulator)

Denise 1.1.0 Change Log:


  • save/load additional settings files for a lot of purposes, like
    • define keyboard inputs for individual games one time only
    • prepare different C64 models
    • prepare individual Multi SID configurations
  • rework sub-menu handling within configuration window
  • rework status bar (Drive LED's, Tape control)
    • status bar is switchable via Hotkey in windows/fullscreen (Options / Hotkeys)
    • show LED for EasyFlash and EF³
  • add UI for custom RAM init patterns
  • load savestates per drag'n'drop or from File Explorer
  • support to paste clipboard or copy screen to clipboard
  • fix OpenGL 1/4 screen BUG for newer macOS versions
  • Gmod2 cartridge mapper (i.e. Sams Journey)
    • support Flash and Eeprom writes
  • Magic Desk cartridge mapper
  • Final Cartridge I, II, Plus, III, III+
  • Simons Basic, Warp Speed
  • Atomic Power, Mach5, Pagefox, Ross, Westermann
  • expansion port expander to use REU + Retro Replay together
  • GeoRAM
  • EasyFlash³
    • hotkey for menu switch
    • support Super Snapshot 5, Retro(Nordic) Replay, Atomic(Nordic) Power
    • Kernal replacement
    • optional 64 MBit mode
      • create a single EF3 file (slot 0) from all slots during emulation
      • strip down single EF3 file (slot 0) to all slots (Note: multi CRT file writing can trigger a false positive in your security app)


System Windows
Size9.43 MB