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Denise 1.0.9 (C64 Emulator) Denise 1.0.9 (C64 Emulator)

Denise is a cycle accurate and platform independant C64 / Amiga (not yet) emulator. 

## 1.0.9 (Released 10-25-2020)
* runAhead
* add faster scanline renderer (optional)
* adequate for games with higher runAhead
* inadequate for some demos, which depend on cycle renderer
* emulate missing VIC-II models
* improve SID emulation
* multiple filter models
* pseudo stereo
* 8x SID support
* DSP: Bass Boost and Reverb
* write audio output to WAV file
* PRG can be loaded as D64
* performance improvements
* thanks to user AW182 for the countless tests and reports


System Windows
Size2.52 MB