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WinVICE 3.0 [64- WinVICE 3.0 [64-bit] HOT

WinVICE 3.0 - 64 Bit for Windows

* Changes in VICE 3.0

** General

- New SDL based Android port.

- New Windows RT port.

- New Sortix port.

- New SDL2 support.

- New SCPU64 emulator (xscpu64).

- New KoalaPad emulation.

- New high pass filter emulation for DAC based devices (SFX sound sampler,
  DigiMAX cartridge, DigiMAX shortbus device, userport DAC,
  userport DigiMAX device, DigiBlaster SIDcart add-on).

- New sampler sound input support, used by sfx sound sampler, digiblaster
  and userport/joyport sampler devices.

- New tapeport system supporting the following devices: datasette, tapelog,
  cp-clockf83, tape-sense dongle, (not yet working) dtl basic dongle.

- New Inkwell Systems lightpen emulation.

- New scroll wheel support for the Micromys mouse emulation.

- New "printer/plotter" Commodore 1520 emulation.

- New 1540 drive emulation.

- New native (koala/doodle) screenshot support.

- new godot screenshot support.

- New keyrah keymaps.

- Extended the 'RS232 net' support to all platforms that support networking.

- RTC offset and RAM contents can now be saved.

- Documentation in PDF and TXT format.


System Windows
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