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WinVICE 3.2 [32- WinVICE 3.2 [32-bit] HOT

 Changes in VICE 3.2


** General


- New (experimental) GTK3 native port, this and the SDL(2) port will replace   all other ports (which will get removed) in VICE 3.3 and onward.

- Handling of the `-keybuf` command now works properly for all emulators and RAM sizes.

- Fixed handling of LOAD"$$" with virtual devices.

- Fixed @CD, @MD and @RD commands for virtual filesystem devices.

- Fixed NEOS Mouse emulation.

- Call the new CIA "8521" instead of "6526A" (which is wrong) in the UIs.

- Added 4sid support.

- Fixed tape wobble.

- Erase timing fixes in flash core.

- Don't allocate sectors on tracks > 70 in the BAM of 1571 images.

- Ethernet emulation: fix register mapping in rr-net mode.

- reSID: fixed envelope bugs shown by testprogs/SID/env_test/.

- Fixed 6509 CPU port issues.

- Added support for TAP virtual network interface.

- Fixed drive clock overflow. Drive and host went out of sync on clock overflow (every ~4G cycles), which would break loading or custom drive code in the case loader/stuff is not idle during overflow window. Also drive would execute ~4G cycles out of sync, which made the emulator freeze for a while.

** Monitor


- Fix monitor 'm' command buffer overflow.

- Added conditional on values in memory to breakpoint handling.

** SDL changes


- Cosmetic overhaul of the SDL UI.

- New drag'n'drop support for the SDL2 port(s).

- Fixed monitor display of printables with the 'M' (memdump) command.

- Fixed drive status display in statusbar.

- Added "advance frame".

- Disable the mouse pointer unless we really need it.

- Change MacOSX SDL menu key to F10 to accommodate old MacBooks etc.

- Change default menu key for sdl amiga based platforms to 'F10'.

- Added default hotkey files (with hotkeys similar to existing GUIs).

- Added various keymaps for use with keyrah in combian/retropie.

- Added controller mapping file for PS3 controller.


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