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CBM Commodore C64 Tape Routines Exposed [2023 Re CBM Commodore C64 Tape Routines Exposed [2023 Rev 3]

Commodore 64 ROM Tape Routines Disassembly and Documentation by Fungus/Nostalgia 8/2023 Revision 3

Acknowledgements for resources and references used:

  • Nick Hampshire (C64 Rom Disassembly)
  • Luigi Defraia (TCE) (CBM Tape Loader Format)
  • Tom Roger Skauen (SLC) (Bouncing thoughts, confirmation of data)
  • Martin Piper (Timing Code verification)
  • Michael Steil (mist64) (CBM Source Code, final verifications)
  • Pontus Berg (Bacchus) Inspiration

This document was created in order to gain a complete understanding of the tape routines, to correct errors in other documents, and for fun.


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