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Sid Wizard 1.8 Sid Wizard 1.8

SID-Wizard 1.8 additions:
-Drean C64 detection and support (asked by Uctumi of Argentina demogroup PVM)
-"DEMO" playertype (size & runtime reduction but keep some important aspects)
-Note-mode in chord-table shouldn't be the default (who reads manual would find it anyway)
-garvalf (chipmusic.org) - startup-menu selections too are saved to configfile
*press F1 to bring disk-list (only in saver, not loader, setting in menu -> @swconfig )
*help in filehandler: F1 load directory, etc.
-space also continues in Startup-menu, just like Return
-Vibrato-amplitude in note column in DMC mode can be set by hex keys now
-Orderlist Separator NOP (Vincenzo's idea) with optional index number (orderlist-FX $F0..$FD)
*Sync control thourgh MIDI: send sync output (asked/realized at chipmusic.org forum by TSC & others, MARiO64 also solved sending sync from C64)
-AD-SR order changed to SR-AD in player.asm when non-ghostregister Hard-Restart and soundstart events happen. Probably causes a bit better, more stable sound...
-SID-Maker-SWP now allows the player to be relocated to max. address regardless of tune-size
-SID-Maxer-SWP has no SFX/slowdown compiled in now, but SID-Maker-SWP-FX has both
-SWMconvert: SWS-to-SWM conversion (left and right to 2 mono subtunes - Spider's idea)
-SID-Maker (exporter) now copies all CIA timer values in the framespeed-list for different machine-types (PAL/NTSC/Drean)
-SID-Maker: just/verdi caused change CIA to NTSC timing, there was no cursor up, just down in tuning-selector
-SID-Maker-SWP player bugged with portamento/slide bigger than cca $F0, bpl changed to bcs after label SLOWDN3
-player.asm: 1st waveform pitch was not indexed in FREQTBH by Y but accidentally X by typo (not much audible difference btw.)
-SID-Maker-SWP runnable export had display issues with title and version-info
-stabilized HerMIDI PowerOn by checking DATA-line (and calling it in lower border-area - idea thrown - seemengly no need for that)
-3SID - sid-export 3rd SID model, SID-address got corrected/implemented
-3SID editor fast forward... (with rastertime-limits, works in bare)
-player.TUNE_HEADER - abandoned $20 as fix address, so trackerinfo always fits before format- and authorinfo, even if jumptable grows
-DrvType in tune-header is now set by startupmenu
-filter/PW-jump command $0A/$0B - if left-side wait command is longer, slide-repetition-counter isn't working afterwards (Spider) - reset CWEPCNT (& PWEEPCNT)!
*IRQ-based MIDI interfaces miss notes/noteoffs (issue in IRQ handling with priority/timing) - Soci corrected the IRQ-handling
-HerMIDI turns on first but not afterwards (DATA shouldn't be set in ATNpulse)
-Starting playback from MIDI delayed cca 0.5 seconds, now it starts immediately
-F3 patternplay now inits funktempo properly (to always start on first tempo, not randomly)
-final cartridge 3 - directory read but 'file not found' when trying to load -> solution: exporter should end below cca $F000, Final Cart 3 is maybe using that upper RAM area for loading/saving
(The solution is to set KERNAL_LOADSAVE=1 or FINAL_CARTRIDGE_3_FIX=1 in settings.cfg...)
-SID-Maker - an 'sta $8000,x' has been removed which served as debugging line but was accidentally left there. Fortunately it seemed not causing issues


System Commodore 64
Size1.69 MB