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Win64 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I use my Joysticks?

A: Win64b4 does not support PC joysticks. Win64 emulates a Commodore 64 joystick using the keys on the numeric keypad ( make sure your numlock is off! ). The right CTRL key is the fire button. The Commodore 64 had 2 Joystick connectors, by selecting Joystick 1/2 you can select which connector the keypad it 'plugged' in to. PC Joystick support is available in Win64 Professional

Q: I've got Win64 professional and Joystick buttons are not hi-lighted - what gives?

A: You will need to install a joystick driver.  Open Control Panel from the settings menu on explorer.  Go to the multimedia section and under devices choose 'Add'  select joystick and follow the instructions.  Once the joystick driver is installed Win64 will enable the joystick buttons.

Q: I run Win64 on my laptop but it doesn't have a right ctrl key so I can not fire.  What should I do?

A: You can either use an external keyboard or (shameless plug) get a copy of Win64 Professional it gives a second joystick using keys that are on a laptop keyboard.

Q: Why can't I hear any sound?

A: Most computers only have one digital sound output device (sound card). Under Windows only one program can use the sound card at once. It is most likely that another program is already using the sound card. Close down any other programs that are using the sound card and restart Win64.   If you are using Win64 Professional select 'Enable' on the 'Sound' menu.

Q: How can I make Win64 run faster?

A: Win64  requires a Pentium processor or the equivalent to run well. You will also require PCI video for the best speed. To further improve the speed of Win64 run you computer in 256 color mode.

Q: How can I make Win64 run in fullscreen mode?

A: To run Win64 in full screen mode you must have the Microsoft Direct Draw extensions installed on you computer.

Q: Can I read my Commodore 64 disks with my PC disk drive?

A: Sadly No.   The way the commodore disk drives stored information on a disk is not compatible with PC compatible disk drives.  If you have a 1541 or 1571 disk drive you can make or buy a cable that will allow you to plug the drive into your computers printer port and transfer the software to you PC.

Q: What's up with the keyboard?

A: Win64 used a keyboard layout that is much like the original 64 keyboard. The picture shows the layout. The second picture is with the shift key pressed.


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