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Triangular uOS 1.25 (Commodore Triangular uOS 1.25 (Commodore 64)

Triangular uOS 1.25 for the Commodore 64, by Michael Goral, Released August, 2022.  Included in the archive is the operating system, full documentation and a complete change log.  See the extended description to see what's new in version 1.25

TRIANGULAR μOS 1.25/C64 takes 34.20 KB (35.00 KB / 140 blocks on disk) allocated in 3 files, from which GUI is biggest file to date (29.67 KB). Loading this file alone takes nearly 1.5 minute without fastloader (fortunately system needs only to load it once).

What’s new in TRIANGULAR μOS 1.25/C64 for Commodore 64:

  • Code of TRIANGULAR μOS is reviewed, improved, cleaned and bug fixed
  • Slightly updated loader module screen (LOADING/RESTARTING/SHUT DOWN)
  • Multi-characters handled by special function amounted for saving 1 KB of code
  • BIOS: Some minor visual changes (mostly colors)
  • BIOS: Detection of C64 or C128 (in C64 mode)
  • GUI: Mouse pointer uses sprite instead of PETSCII character
  • GUI: Time separator : (in right bottom corner) is blinking as seconds progress
  • GUI: Windows repositioned and stretched with minor visual changes
  • GUI: Windows can activate elements outside their loops in more advanced manner
  • GUI: First element of μOS API named BASICCALLY added: Window creator that draws window based on given arguments
  • GUI: Window refreshes faster and without blinking
  • SETTINGS: System settings and color settings merged into one SETTINGS window, divided by 2 tabs into SYSTEM and GRAPHICS (color options)
  • SETTINGS: GRAPHICS tab now supports 16 colors and 2x more background patterns
  • DISK: Program window slightly enlarged and improved few minor mechanisms
  • CMD: Small visual changes and improved few minor mechanisms
  • WORDS: Commands panel slightly redesigned with new options added
  • WORDS: Repositioned and expanded text area
  • WORDS: > symbol (indicating line to write) is removed and text area is 1 character wider
  • WORDS: Faster typing-in mechanism
  • WORDS: Clear Screen [Shift + Home] erases currently written line
  • WORDS: F6 Copy line and F7 Paste line added
  • WORDS: Clipboard shared with MATH calculator (F7 will retrieve memorized number in MATH)
  • MATH: Window repositioned and minimal color theme update
  • MATH: Clipboard shared with MATH calculator (Memory contains number (converted string to float) copied inside WORDS)
  • MONITOR: Show memory area is reworked
  • SYNTH: Piano keyboard expanded and new voices added
  • SIMCITY: Mechanism that selects land plot to activate is more random and equally covers available zoning area
  • GAMES: CHUCK'S CHALLENGE & LIFE RAFT RESCUE - issues with sprites are corrected
  • Changelog added as separate document


System Commodore 64
Size342.6 KB


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