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Hoxs64 (x86) v1.0 Hoxs64 (x86) v1.0.9.4

Hoxs64 is an attempt to accurately emulate the Commodore 64 computer.

A cycle exact emulation.

Pixel exact VIC emulation of a C64C (the grey dot bug is not emulated). 

1541 floppy disk drive (read and write).

Tape player (read only).

State save.


Full screen display.

17 September 2017 v1.0.9.4 ========================== 1) CIA serial and CNT timing improvements thanks to test programs written by Mariusz. 2) Added VIC-II colour palette user configuration dialog box. 3) Added command line options (see hoxs64.txt) to support the VICE 64 testbench. 4) Changed the colour RAM reset pattern to use bytes $0C and $03 as per the same C64C whose RAM reset pattern is already used.


System Windows
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