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DraCopy 1. DraCopy 1.3doj

DraCopy 1.3doj by Draco and others (Released June 7th, 2022) - Excellent full featured disk utility for dealing with files and disks.  DraCopy uses kernel I/O routines, so is compatible with most storage devices including CMD hard Drives and SD2IEC devices.  Also has suppot for .d64, .d71 and .d81 disk images.  Additionally, there is a specific build in this archive that supports RAM expansion units.  This archive includes versions of DraCopy and DraBrowse for the Commodore 64, Commodore 128, Commodore Plus4 and Commodore PET computers (with both 40 and 80 column versions)

The lastest versions, along with source code and documentation can be found HERE


System Commodore 64
Size674.45 KB


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