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DraCopy v DraCopy v1.0e HOT

This is a new release of the sd2iec file browsers DraBrowse and DraCopy from Draco. In fact is a rebuild of the original programs where I have changed and added a lot of features:

  • DraBrowse and DraCopy, both merged into a single program.
  • File copy/move between directories within the same drive or disk image.
  • File copy/move between directories and disk images within the same drive (REU expansion memory required).
  • Directory sort.
  • Single pane file manager.
  • Detects and pass only through the connected drives.
  • Added file copy support for SEQ and REL files.
  • Added disk copy support for 1571 and 1581 drives, and D71 and d81 disk images. Removed the old screen disk copy progress because of the lack of screen space for bigger disk types, but added the copy error report when the copy is finished.
  • Added make disk image for d64, d71 and d81.
  • Improved copy command (Copy and Copy Selected under the same option).
  • Improved delete command (Delete and Delete Selected under the same option).
  • Added the dos status drive information.
  • Added a new custom prompt text input in the status bar.
  • Shows all the messages in the status bar.
  • Improved asc text and hex viewers.
  • Added path support for winvice (dos filesystem) and everything works except the cd (change directory) to the disk images.
  • Versions for C128 and C64. The only difference is the fast mode used by the C128 in 80 column mode.
  • Like the old releases only uses kernal routines and should work on any iec or cmd devices.

The filecopy between directories have a little problem. The program must go to the disk parent directory always when starts. This is absolutely necessary because of the path counter and there is no other choice.There is attached the c64, c128 programs and sources. I hope you find it useful. Many thanks to Draco for sharing !


System Commodore 64
Size12.93 KB


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