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21 Second Backup v2.0 (Modif 21 Second Backup v2.0 (Modified) NEW

21 Second Backup by Charles Leborgne was quite an amazing hardware / software combo back in the day.  I always wanted to have this when I was a kid, but somehow ended up with the Datel Burst Nibbler combo instead.  I recently picked up a reproduction of this hardware from COREi64.  For a long time, the software side of this combo was uncopiable, but recently that has changed.  Here is a YouTube video from 8-Bit Resurgence demonstrating that it was indeed copied.

Here is a LINK to an interview with the author of 21 Second Backup.

Here is a LINK to the C64 Copy Protection website that has more details about the program and even a diagram of how to build the custom hardware cable yourself.


System Commodore 64
Size7.18 KB


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